Adding a New Company to Management Reporter

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Jason Haugen
Posted: Jun 19th, 2017

After setting up a new company within Great Plains, the company must also be set up within Management Reporter.

Here are the steps to guide you through the process:

  1. Log into the new company within Great Plains.
  2. Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP, Tools, Setup, Company, Company.
  3. On the Company Setup window, choose the Options button to open the Company Setup Options window. Then verify the ‘Enable General Ledger Reporting’ option is marked as shown below:

  4. Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP, Tools, Setup, Multicurrency Access. Make sure the newly created company is assigned to a currency:

  5. Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP, Tools, Setup, Financial, Multicurrency. Make sure a Functional Currency is assigned similar to the following:

  6. Open the Configuration Console and choose Companies. Select the Refresh Companies option as shown below. 

  7. After the refresh, wait a few moments, and then verify the company shows within the list of companies:

  8. For users that are set up as Administrators within Management Reporter, they will automatically have access to all companies, including any newly created companies.
    For users not assigned to the Administrator role, we will need the user access to the new company by logging into Report Designer and choosing the ‘Security’ option:

  9. Double-click the user you wish to grant access to the company, and then give access to the newly created company on the ‘Company Access’ tab: