Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation’ in Management Reporter

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July 27, 2017
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October 17, 2017

Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation’ in Management Reporter

When trying to run a Management Reporter report for one specific company on all workstations, the error of, ‘Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation’ we received. Before the errors displayed, the Management Reporter Report Viewer would open and looked like it was going to generate the report, but then gave the error. This error would only come up when generating the report to the Management Reporter Report Viewer. When the report was generated to the Web Viewer, everything would generate without error. When generating the same report on the server to the Management Reporter Report Viewer, it generated successfully and without error.

In working with Microsoft, they believe the issue is coming from a bug (3778274) that currently has not been resolved. The issue has to do with a regional setting type that is configured at the company in the Management Reporter database.

Below are the steps to resolve this error:

  1. Log into SQL and run the following script against the Management Reporter Database
    select CultureName, * from Reporting.ControlCompany
  2. Compare the value in the ‘CultureName’ field between the working companies and the non working company. You may notice the value in the company you received the error in is different than the companies working successfully.
  3. Assuming this is a US company, you will want to change the incorrect value to the correct US value of ‘en-US’
  4. To update the ‘CultureName’ value to be correct, run the following script in SQL against the Management Reporter Database:
    update Reporting.ControlCompany set CultureName = ‘en-US’ where Code = ‘xxx’
    ( ‘xxx’ is the Code value of the company you want to change)
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