The Future of GP On-Premise

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Aubrey Noorian
Posted: Oct 13th, 2016

One of the most anticipated sessions at the GPUG Summit16  discussed the future of Dynamics GP and the on premise solution.

Did you know: In GP2016 and GP2016R2, some features released are due to user requests! So if you have a feature you wish was included or something that would increase efficiencies, submit it.  You may see it show up in a release soon.

The features that have been included that were requests by users are listed below:


  • Budget Import Exception Report
  • AA User access settings
  • Import/Export Smartlist from Designer
  • Change Column on PTE Employee Expense Entry


  • Display Tax Percent for Historical Transactions
  • Cancel PO when linked to a Requisition
  • GL Distribution Line Display Expanded
  • Batch is being edited by <Username>

** In pictures the red boxes are features that were suggested by users and have been incorporated into the last 2 releases of GP2016 and GP2016R2.

Microsoft is standing behind the Dynamics GP on premise solution.  They announced that the rollout for GP versions will not be as aggressive as it has been and plans to do more of a 12-18 month release cycle in future versions.  The user community has been sharing their feedback that the releases were coming out too quickly and keeping up has been an issue.

For more information on the future of GP and the new features, we recommend you read the Dynamics Community blog.