Here is the latest listing for the GP 2013 Charts and KPIs!

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Posted: Sep 8th, 2013

Charts and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are great tools to provide us with a quick visual reference of analysis without sifting through complex details. Here is the latest listing for GP 2013:


  Accounts Payable Days Outstanding Detail 

  Accounts Payable Days Outstanding KPI 

  Accounts Payable Days Outstanding KPI Detail 

  Accounts Receivable Days Outstanding Detail 

  Accounts Receivable Days Outstanding KPI 

  Accounts Receivable Days Outstanding KPI Detail 

  Cash Position Detail 

  Cash Position KPI 

  Cash Position KPI Detail 

  Change In Expenses 

  Change In Expenses Detail 

  Checkbook Balance by Month 

  Cost of Goods Sold KPI 

  Cost of Goods Sold KPI Detail 

  Current Balance 

  Debt To Equity Detail 

  Debt To Equity KPI 

  Debt To Equity KPI Detail 

  GL Category Details 

  Gross Profit Detail 

  Gross Profit Margin KPI 

  Gross Profit Margin KPI Detail 

  Gross Profits 

  Gross Profits YTD 

  Quick Ratio Detail 

  Quick Ratio KPI 

  Quick Ratio KPI Detail 

  Receivables Turnover Detail 

  Receivables Turnover KPI 

  Receivables Turnover KPI Detail 

  Total Expenses KPI 

  Total Expenses KPI Detail 

  Total Revenue KPI 

  Total Revenue KPI Detail 

  Unreconciled Transaction Balance 


Human Resources

  Active Employee Type By Department 

  Active Employee Type By Department Detail 

  Applicants By Position 

  Applicants By Position Detail 

  Emergency Contacts 

  Employee Anniversary 

  Employee Birthday 

  Employee Earnings History 

  Employee Status By Department 

  Employee Status By Department Detail 

  Employee Turnover KPI 

  Employee Turnover KPI Detail 

  Enrolled Benefit and Deduction Summary 

  New Employees KPI 

  New Employees KPI Detail 

  Opened HR Requisitions per Month 

  Organizational Tree 

  Position History 

  Requisition Information 



  Inventory Turnover KPI 

  Inventory Turnover KPI Detail 

  Top Items by Dependent Usage 



  Customer YTD Sales By Territory 

  Customer YTD Sales By Territory Detail 

  Item Quantity Detail 

  Late Shipments 

  Late Shipments Detail 

  Net Sales vs Cost of Goods Sold Detail 

  Net Sales vs. Cost of Goods Sold 

  Quotes Per Month 

  Receivables Aging 

  Receivables Aging Detail 

  Receivables Detail 

  Receivables Summary 

  Receivables Summary Detail 

  Sales Account Transactions Detail 

  Sales Document Count 

  Sales Document Count Detail 

  Sales Item Transaction Detail 

  Sales Line Item Detail 

  Sales Per Employee KPI 

  Sales Per Employee KPI Detail 

  Sales Per Month 

  Sales Per Month Detail 

  Salesperson YTD Commissions By State 

  Salesperson YTD Commissions By State Detail 

  Top Backordered Items 

  Top Backordered Items Detail 

  Top Customer Balances 

  Top Customer Balances Detail 

  Top Customers by YTD Sales 

  Top Customers by YTD Sales Pie Chart 

  Top Items by Sales Amount 

  Top Items by Sales Quantity 

  Top Items Quoted by Amount 

  Top Items Quoted by Quantity 

  Top Returned Items 

  Top Returned Items Detail 

  Total Receivables per Month 

  Total Sales YTD 

  Total Sales YTD Detail 

  Total Sales YTD Transaction Detail 



  Employee Departments by Number of Inactivated Employees 

  Employee List by PayCode 

  Employee Payment Types 

  Employees Detail 

  Inactive Employees 

  Inactive Employees Yearly Comparison 

  New Employees 

  New Employees Detail 

  New Employees Yearly Comparison 

  Vacation and Sick Time Available 



  Item Quantity Detail  

  Payables Aging 

  Payables Detail 

  Payables Summary 

  Purchasing Account Transactions Detail 

  Purchasing Item Transaction Detail 

  Purchasing Late Shipments 

  Purchasing Late Shipments Detail 

  Purchasing Line Item Detail 

  Top Items by Purchasing Shipment Amount 

  Top Items by Purchasing Shipment Quantity 

  Top Total Cash Disbursements 

  Top Total Cash Disbursements Detail 

  Top Vendors by YTD Purchases 

  Top Vendors by YTD Purchases Pie Chart 

  Total Payables per Month 

  Total Purchases per Month 


Field Service

  Completed RMA Cost YTD 

  Completed RMA Cost YTD Detail 

  Contract Revenue YTD 

  Contract Revenue YTD Detail 

  Open RMA Count By Return Type 

  Open RMA Count By Return Type Detail 

  Open Service Call Count By Service Type 

  Open Service Call Count By Service Type Detail 

  Ready To Ship RTV Count By RTV Type 

  Ready To Ship RTV Count By RTV Type Detail 

  Top Completed RMA Count By Item 

  Top Completed RMA Count By Item Detail  


By Rhonda Hawley, Summit Group Software