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Erin Marr
Posted: Oct 18th, 2016


Microsoft announced the new Dynamics 365 last Tuesday in Tampa at the Dynamic Communities Summit. Dynamics 365 is a new platform that will offer CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) functionality in one platform to allow seamless integration between sales and operations without having to integrate multiple systems.  There will be two subscription options for Dynamics 365 when it releases November 1st

For those who are currently using Dynamics CRM Online, that product will now be called Dynamics 365 with the same functionality you are used to.  Microsoft is also releasing PowerApps which will offer a wide variety of apps designed to work with Dynamics 365 and other Microsoft products allowing users to access the information they need to run their business.

According to Takeshi Numoto, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise business “Dynamics 365 will offer subscriptions per app/per user and introduce industry first plans that embrace the cross functional way organizations and employees need to work today.  With our new plan-based approach you can create roles have access to all of the apps and functions employees in that role need to perform their jobs.  For instance, customer service representatives would be more productive with access to data and capabilities from the field service, customer service and sales apps”

There will be different apps depending on your business needs. Dynamics 365 will include Sales, Marketing & Adobe, Finance, Project Service Automation, Customer Service, Operations and Field Service. By breaking these out into different apps, businesses will have the options to only add the areas they need for their business and empower their users to information not previously available without logging into a separate system.

Dynamics 365 will also work across multiple platforms and have mobile options for Windows, iOS and Android.

Look for more pricing and functionality information in the upcoming weeks. For now, you can stay up to date with information, including the new logo, on Dynamics 365 Twitter account.

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