Peak Capture – Your Leads, Direct to CRM

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June 22, 2017
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Peak Capture – Your Leads, Direct to CRM

Peak Capture is a fast, efficient way to connect leads or referrals into your Dynamics 365 system from a website or landing page.

As we talk with our customers we frequently hear they have a website setup with a form gathering incoming lead-type data which is then entered into a separate spreadsheet or database that is manually handled. This creates extra work for people to double or triple touch the information before it lands in the right person’s hands to follow up with the potential business. Summit Group Software is in a unique position to use some of the existing software we developed to create a direct way for your website data to automaically and directly flow into your Leads in Dynamics 365 through a tool we call Peak Capture.

For $500, we can install this solution into Dynamics 365, setup up to 10 fields of data you’d like to capture within the Leads entity, and create an alert workflow to let people know a new lead has been created.

Reach out to us to get this setup today!

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