Print Individual Records from Microsoft Dynamics CRM/D365 with Print Preview

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December 7, 2017
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Print Individual Records from Microsoft Dynamics CRM/D365 with Print Preview

When working in Microsoft Dynamics CRM/D365, you may find the need to print an individual record for whatever reason, like hard copy for a file, to share information with a client, or to capture the formatting of a form to design a new one. You can use various methods to do this, such as your Snipping Tool or PrintScreen function in Windows. But these print one screen at a time and you may find yourself capturing multiple screens and manipulating them into one document.  Whatever your need, you can use the Print Preview feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM/D365 to obtain physical copies of your records and screens.

First, I will explain how to do this, then I will explain the limitations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM/D365 and some known plans to address them.

To print preview your screen or individual record, navigate to the settings icon in the top right corner and select Print Preview:

Once the Print Preview screen opens, you can view and/or print it using the Print option:

This will print the entire form without having to capture individual screens as you scroll through the form.

If you want to view the print preview of a window that opens outside of your main screen, such as an Advanced Find, click on File, Print Preview:

You can then print the page by clicking the Print icon at the top left corner:


Limitations of the Print Preview feature:

1. You can capture standard sub-grids on a form, however, you can ONLY grasp notes, NOT activities and posts from the social pane area on the form. Notice the example in the form shows the display is on POSTS, but in the print preview, only the NOTES are showing:

2. If there is more than one page of data in some sub-grids, only the page displayed on the screen will be sent to the printed form. For example, the sample shown below has 2 pages in the second and third sub-grids, what is displayed is what will print, however if you change the page in the print preview to page 2 in the sub-grid, page 2 will print.

3. If the sub-grid is an editable sub-grid, NONE of the sub-grids on the form will be sent to the printed form. This is a known defect Microsoft will be addressing in a future release.

4. Sub-grid labels won’t be printed.

5. Any Quick View forms on the main form are NOT sent to the printer. Notice on the sample below, the Primary Contact Email and Business Telephone fields did not show on the print preview sample because they are contained on a quick view form.

6. If you have the mapping feature enabled, the map will not print.

The Print Preview does work much better than a browser’s “print” option, however if you find the mentioned limitations cause too much inflexibility, you can still use Word Templates or SSRS reports.

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