Ramping up for GP Year End

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October 17, 2017
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October 23, 2017

Ramping up for GP Year End

Fall brings many things, one of them being our team ramping up for yet another season of Microsoft Dynamics GP year end. Like always, this busy time of year requires us to hit the pause button on the majority of our upgrade projects to focus on service pack installations for our customers. We anticipate Microsoft will release the service pack late November, until then, our team has a few tips:

Schedule your Year End Appointment

Be proactive and schedule the service pack with a member of our team. Schedule your service pack sooner than later, it will provide you with the best options. It’s quick and easy, follow the step by step guide below.

 Join a FREE Year End User Group Webinar

We have released the dates of our ‘Microsoft Dynamics GP Year End Close- What You Need to Know’ series.
This webinar gives an overview of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Year End Closing with additional references to documentation and tips for navigating the Year End process. Topics include:

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Year End Update File—Who Needs It
  • Changes included in the Year End Update
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Module Close Order
  • Helpful Websites and Other Useful Year End Close Information
  • Q&A

You can sign up to attend within the Events tab of our customer portal or view the training schedule on our website.


Scheduling your Year End Appointment–Step by Step

1:  Log into the Customer Portal

2: Once logged in to our portal, please click on the Year End Scheduling tile.

3: From there, select “Add Year End Scheduling”.

4: Here, simply request your primary and secondary date choices and hit save. From there, a member of our team will  do our best to accommodate your preferred date and follow up with you. We will also do our best to pair you up with a resource you have worked with in the past– and if possible, the same resource you worked with the previous year to maintain as much continuity as possible.


Because this is a process that is only done once per year, it’s easy to forget all the steps that go into Year End Close. You can count on us, we want to make this process as smooth as we can for you which is why we spend so much time ramping up for it. Once Microsoft has released the service pack we will know a lot more so please check-in with us as we continue to ramp up.

If you don’t have access to our portal, please ask your Engagement Manager and we can get you set up.

Happy Year End ramp up to all!

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