Technical Alert for CRM Online / Dynamics 365

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Technical Alert for CRM Online / Dynamics 365

As Microsoft technology evolves their platforms specific features and functionality will be retired from service. Recently Microsoft notified several customers this past week about retiring the “Access Control Service” being depreciated:



Microsoft has released the timing to discontinue a certain connection point with CRM Online and Dynamics 365 and is requiring use of a new connection point.

What This Means

If you have an integration or 3rd party tool that use this connection to your online environment, this connection needs to be updated prior to May 31st 2017.

Effected Services

  1. Integrations Tools (Scribe, SmartConnect, KingswaySoft, Peak Bridge)
  1. Portal Solutions (Peak Portals, ADX Studio)
  1. Custom applications accessing CRM Online

If your tools are not updated with compatible versions, this will result on the inability for that tool to work properly.

Technical Details

If you are using Microsoft.XRM.SDK.dll either through a custom application, custom portal, or a third-party product (ADX Studio, AttachmentExtractor, Scribe, KingswaySoft, custom SSIS connector, etc.) please follow the steps below:

  1. Scan the folders on your server where the solution is running and look for: Microsoft.XRM.SDK.dll. If found, use the table given in the Team Blog site to determine which version of the SDK you need to download.
  1. Using the table, determine which version of .NET that you have deployed against, and confirm the version of Dynamics 365 CRM service you are using. If you are uncertain which .NET version your solution is using, contact your development or engineering teams.
  1. Once you have determined the correct SDK version to use simply replace the Microsoft.XRM.SDK.dll found in /bin folder with the latest version of the SDK dll.

The version they will need is shown in the screenshot below. It should be 8.2.x.x or higher.


For any help, please reach out to Summit Group Software from our portal, we would be happy to assist.

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