Peak NFP

Let giving be the focus. We know where your passions lie and share your commitment to engage and serve your communities. With decades of nonprofit experience, Summit Group Software understands your unique challenges and has helped hundreds of nonprofits fulfill their mission.

Peak NFP Donor Management

Nonprofit Solutions

As a nonprofit, the demands to efficiently manage your organization’s operations, while still driving donor engagement, are often overwhelming yet still imperative to provide for those you serve. Whether you’re looking to increase fundraising success and constituent relationships, more effectively manage your finances and fund accounting efforts, or enhance employee productivity, our tenured nonprofit consulting team and cloud-based Peak NFP solution stack will provide the resources needed to help achieve your goals.

Donor Management

For most nonprofits, engaging donors is a vital part of funding their mission. There’s an increasing need to engage more supporters and develop deeper relationships with them. Our affordable donor management solution, Peak NFP, manages the entire scope—from tracking of donors/constituents, communications and event registrations, to gifts of time and money.

The Peak NFP Solution is:

  • Easy to use - Access information from anywhere, cloud-based providing easy access and set-up, and integrates with Microsoft business applications and other financial management technologies.
  • Goal oriented - Volunteer scheduling, online giving, and event registration.
  • Insightful - Real-time donor data and end of year reporting, volunteer history, and campaign success tracking.
  • Adaptable - Personalized event experience, customized gift and pledge forms, cancellation policies and messaging.

Peak NFP donor management is built to take full advantage of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, offering holistic donor tracking, communications management, marketing, social media integration, and power reporting and analytics.

Financial Management

Effectively and efficiently managing financial operations are vital to an organization, especially nonprofits. Fulfilling these financial responsibilities; such as writing checks, paying employees, and budgeting, while also addressing the fund-centric nature of nonprofit accounting, need to be executed easily and accurately. Additionally, a unique requirement for nonprofits is the ability to design and develop reports for audiences other than internal accounting staff. Funders, grantors, and boards need to have access to reports that are easy to read, providing insight into key financial information. Clearly reporting and communicating the impact of fund allocations is critical for nonprofits looking to execute on their missions and secure funds for future projects and programs.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, Microsoft Dynamics GP, provides the tools to manage typical ERP or accounting and finance processes. Furthermore, the fund accounting functionality, not available in rudimentary accounting platforms, lets you track records by funding source, department, grant, or program.

Employee Productivity via the Cloud

With aging servers and/or infrastructure, many nonprofits can’t use current software programs and tools and, both constituents and employees alike, pay the price through lost productivity and added frustration. Cloud-based solutions like Microsoft Office 365 provides nonprofits an affordable option that allows your employees to work anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Office suite applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Project and Visio), email and calendar management, online meetings and file sharing allow your staff to be their most productive and use the most up-to-date versions.

Likewise, the expense and depreciation of IT resources seem to always be a constant source of anxiety. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your core business applications for functions such as accounting, fundraising, and email managed by experts, kept automatically up-to-date, and located in a world-class datacenter? With less expensive and guaranteed 99.99% uptime, cloud-based solutions mean you no longer need to worry about backups, power failures, hardware failures, maintenance or other unexpected costs related to these technologies.

Cloud-based solutions shift the responsibility of technology management to the provider. Think about your strategy for hardware and software upkeep and upgrades—when do you buy that new server? When do you upgrade “the system”, whatever that means and costs? Now you can route the savings, in both dollars and time, into programming and driving your organization’s mission.