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Error When Printing Checks in GP With Mekorma

Posted: Jun 22nd, 2017

Recently, we came across an error being experienced when printing checks in GP using the Mekorma check printing software application. This error is a result of some conflicts between Mekorma and some recent Windows Updates released by Microsoft.

A new build is available from Mekorma to resolve this issue. For further help on this, please contact Summit Group Software for assistance.

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Long Integer Out of Range. Results invalid.

Posted: Jan 1st, 2013

A client on GP 2010 recently had an issue where they could not post an AP check batch nor could they access the batch after using Batch Recovery.  They repeatedly received the message “Long Integer Out of Range. Results invalid”.  I found a couple KB articles referencing this same message, but they were outdated and didn’t apply to this issue.

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