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Microsoft Dynamics GP – Human Resources and Payroll – SERVICES CREDITS AVAILABLE!

Posted: Apr 10th, 2013
With the changes in licensing from Microsoft available by upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 - there has never been a better time to take another look at the Payroll and Human Resources modules for your organization. And now for a limited time, your organization has the opportunity to earn up to $500 in services credits with Summit Group Software for the implementation of each module!
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Optimizing CRM Online Data Migration Performance

Posted: Oct 28th, 2012

After doing several data migrations into CRM Online, I noticed that the process was slower than with the on premise data migrations that I have done in the past.  For projects with relatively small data sets, this may not always cause a huge issue since it is still possible to get the data migration done over several days or a weekend; however with large data sets, it could end up taking weeks or even months to fully complete a data migration.  To get to the bottom of it and find out what improvements could be made, I rece

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: Online Lead Capture

Posted: Dec 3rd, 2011

"I need my web site to capture information about my customers and have that flow into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can do that, right Josh?" Well, if I have my developer hat on, I would think, "Well with enough time or money I can do pretty much anything in CRM!" While this certainly is true, our customers would often appreciate a solution such as this without the custom development work and without all the heavy technical lifting typically associated with a request like this.

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