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New, Great Features of Dynamics GP 2016

Posted: May 16th, 2016

With the recent release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 we wanted to share the latest and greatest at our recent User Groups. The features I shared seemed to not only be my favorites but also resonated with our customers. For those of you that weren’t able to attend one of User Groups continue reading for what bubbled up as the best of the best, new features of GP 2016. Let’s dig in – I’ve categorized them to make it easy to read along!

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Affordable Care Act and What to do about it

Posted: Nov 4th, 2015

The rollout and detail of how to handle ACA with GP has been difficult to get guidance out of Microsoft. Due to the legality, the final answer to what your company should do lies with your trusted accountant and lawyer.  However we can certainly help explain the options available.

Option 1: Dynamics GP Version Information for ACA

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Payroll Checks Cannot be Calculated while the Year End Close is in Process

Posted: Jul 14th, 2015

When running payroll checks for the first time in a year, some users receive the error message, “Checks cannot be calculated while the year end close is in process”.  This is because the Payroll check date is for the new year, but the Microsoft Dynamics GP system date is for the current year.  Let’s say for example, your first pay date for the new year is Friday January 2, 2015.   Because January 1st is a holiday, you decide to cut checks a day early on December 31,  2014.    When doing the payroll, your Microsoft Dynamics GP system date is probably still set to Decemb

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Changes to direct deposit after a payroll has been posted in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Posted: Jun 5th, 2015

If you have used the Microsoft Dynamics GP payroll direct deposit module, you may have encountered situations from time to time where you need to either remove a payment from the file or you may need to change incorrect bank transit or account number information after the pay run has posted.  A void of a payroll check in Dynamics does not have any effect on a posted pay run, and will not automatically take that payment to the employee out of the ACH file, even if you re-generate the ACH file after voiding.  And modifying someone’s direct deposit maintenance information after a pay run has p

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HRM Solution Series/Payroll Extensions – Overtime Rate Manager Overtime Options in GP 2013

Posted: Mar 25th, 2015

HRM Solution Series/Payroll Extensions – Overtime Rate Manager Overtime Options in GP 2013

The HRM Solutions Series for Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll contains a number of useful features that work alongside the standard payroll functionality.  A popular feature included in this set of options is the Overtime Rate Manager.  The Overtime Rate Manager is mainly used to perform blended or weighted average overtime calculations, which assist companies in meeting FLSA requirements when a variety of payroll rates exist for individual employees.

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Spring Training is Here!

Posted: Feb 11th, 2015

It’s that time of year when our minds wander ahead and think about the promise of Spring. Why not get in the spirit and get going with Spring Training of your own.

Our training webinar calendar is updated and ready for you and your team to ramp up on the latest!

We have timely and useful content covering What’s New in the latest Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM 2015 releases. If you have scheduled your upgrades or are considering that upgrade soon – these webinars are a must. 


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